VitaJuwel - Gemstone Water


 VitaJuwel is the market leader in gemstone water and have created and patented the finest designs, engineered in the German Alps, that makes preparing gemstone water easy and visually stunning. VitaJuwel are found in luxury spa resorts around the world and we are delighted to work this original brand to  bring their range to the Irish spa market. 

Take Your Spa Retail to the Next Level

VitaJuwel offers a range of wellness gem water products designed to elevate your spa experience and boost retail sales with their unique and exclusive lifestyle range. 

VitaJuwel v Tap Water Comparison

While the VitaJuwel range is striking in design and a definite conversation starter - there is so much more to this brand than their beautiful glassware. VitaJuwel's gemstone water infusion method has been independently proven to alter the structure of tap water, transforming it into a quality level normally found only in natural spring water. 

Become a VitaJuwel Ireland Spa Partner

Set your spa apart with VitaJuwel - working with luxury spa resorts around the world, the VitaJuwel concept can be incorporated across your spa, hotel and retail offerings to delight and elevate your guest experiences. 

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