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The what’s next in beauty has always created great excitement in our industry, but the longer you work in it, the more you realise the next big thing is a somewhat familiar variation of what has come before. With Tik Tok trends dictating beauty and Gen Z’s penchant for all things 90s/00s, once again we will see familiar patterns emerge and in some cases evolving when it comes to the next big thing in 2023. But from the Metaverse to Indie-Sleaze, the future of beauty is anything but boring. In their in-depth 2023 Beauty Forecast, New York analytics company Trendayltics used their algorithm to identify themes and trends that will grow in 2023, including:

Beauty Trends 2023 The New Natural

The New Natural

Characterised by hydrating formulas and a fresh colour palette, this trend is most evident when searching #CleanLook on Tik Tok, which has had over 93 million views in 2022, showcasing a variety of Gen Z led tutorials that focus on natural beauty featuring products such as illuminating foundations,  slick lip oils and cooling ice globes. Skincare is king in this New Natural world, laying the foundation for everything that comes next. A focus on hydrating, glowing hybrid products that are both skincare and cosmetic, we will see much more in the way of tinted skincare formulas for a natural glow and more cosmetics that offer skincare benefits. The key is that these products provide subtle enhancement and glow that allow natural skin to shine through, in all it’s imperfect glory. A welcome move away from a decade of heavy coverage and filtered faces.

Beauty Trends 2023 Nocturne


Celebrating the ‘unadulterated expression of city night-life’ that is no doubt set to become more evident in Ireland as our pubs and clubs look to stay open longer, Nocturne brings us back to to the glory days of Tumblr and MySpace, serving up angst ridden grungy looks and the return of Indie-Sleaze. This trend will see a lot of graphic eye-liner, smudged out looks using dark and moody colour palettes including shades of onyx, layered with the glamour of burgundy and pops of lime green. Hit show Euphoria is credited with a providing a lot of the inspiration for this look, through its exploration of the darker side of adolescence.

Beauty Trends 2023 Futura


Is 2023 the year beauty will fully embrace the Metaverse? Never slow to adapt to new trends, beauty brands have already dipped their toes into this futuristic world. We’ve seen NARS collaborate with female artists to create NFTs in the form of digital artworks that have been inspired by the cult Orgasm range of products, to coincide with National Orgasm Day.  NARS VP of global digital strategy and social engagement, Dina Fierro, stated that the goal of this collaboration was to create ‘a really interesting, creative experience around a core and iconic product’. It’s hard not to be intrigued and as the Metaverse continues to gain traction, embraced by brands including Fenty Beauty, who have recently filed a trademark to sell Fenty Beauty products as virtual cosmetics – fuelling the prediction that the Metaverse will become part of beauty culture in a way many of us are yet to understand. How does this translate in real-life to 2023 beauty trends? Think holographic finishes, graphic liner and vivid colour pops of turquoise, purple and silver that allow us to embrace a beauty aesthetic free from physical constraints that pave the way for the next generation.

Beauty Trends 2023 Verano


This movement invites us to reconnect with nature as we escape the reality modern living and puts a focus on natural ingredients and brands who take the climate crisis seriously – not just as a marketing hook. We are all more aware of just how important sustainability in beauty is and the role brands need to play in addressing the environmental consequences of our industrial lifestyles that span hundreds of years. No one is more aware of this than Gen Z who are driven to act and not accept wasteful packaging and processes that jeopardise our planets future. Aesthtically Verano is represented by the ‘beach look’ with textured hair in the form of mermaid waves and aquatic fragrances, colours include terracotta and sage green and there is a focus on natural ingredients and rituals rooted in Latinx culture such as Annatto Seed from Mexico / Brazil and Pracaxi Oil from Columba/Costa Rica.

Beauty Edit Thoughts

Trendalytics have offered some great insights into what we can expect in 2023, each theme demonstrating the power social media platforms (namely Tik Tok) have when it comes to shaping the future face of beauty. Again Gen Z are a driving force behind much of these themes, although it would be a mistake to assume only Gen Z are effecting change in our industry. Millenials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers all hold their own when it comes to spending power and fuelling trends, but more on that later.


You can download the full Trendalytics Beauty Forecast 2023 Report here