The Digital Shelf

Every business has a digital shelf, how good it is, will have a direct impact on your business on and offline.

It won't come as a surprise to learn that most consumers shopping for products, begin their journey online, with a Google search. In fact a whopping 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying and in doing so they are interacting with the digital shelf of multiple brands. 

Whether you sell your product or service online or not, a huge amount of your customers journey will take place online, whether it is researching a product that leads them to your brand, reading reviews about your spa that leads to a booking, price comparisons, social media influencers, retailer websites anywhere a potential customer can discover, engage and interact with your brand online is your digital shelf and you need to keep on top of it. 

Think because your business offers mainly offline in a brick and mortar retail setting or a service focused spa environment, that the digital shelf doesn't apply to you? Think again, your potential customers digital journey is not linear. How many times have you recommended a product in spa during a treatment only for your guest to search this product online for reviews and cheaper prices, before deciding whether to purchase from your spa shop.