The Digital Spa

As the world becomes more digital, luxury spas and hotels must keep up with the times in order to stay in the game.

 During the pandemic, we saw first hand just how important the online world was to our businesses surviving and some industries thriving. One of the worst hit sectors in Ireland and the UK was the hospitality and spa industries, with mandatory closures and reduced capacity re-openings our reality. While it wasn't possible simply transfer a hotel or spa business to a digital model, many spas saw the value in offering their products online via their own store and many realised just how hard, and costly, an e-commerce business model is to sustain without proper planning, strategy, budget and human resources to run it. 

The Future of Online Retail in Luxury Spa

The luxury spa industry, alongside hotel is experiencing a shift towards e-commerce and online retailing. Spas that do not adapt to these changes risk being left behind. Online retailing has already become the norm for many other luxury industries, such as fashion and beauty. The hospitality wellness industry must follow suit to remain relevant and competitive. As retailing is already a key revenue stream within the spa model, it stands to reason that spa management should be developing an online e-commerce presence that further drives retail revenue and maintains relationships with their guests, long after they've left the spa. 

Online retailing offers luxury hotel and spa resorts many benefits and opportunities. Not only does it increase brand awareness and revenue generation, but it also creates new relationships with wider audiences. As the luxury hotel industry grows, it's crucial management keep up with the latest trends and take advantage of e-commerce platforms to maximise profitability and stay ahead of the competition.