Face the Future

Retail isn't dead, DTC isn't a golden ticket and the business of beauty and wellness will continue to boom, despite what the universe has thrown at us over the last 3 years. 

These are, without doubt, unprecedented times and very tricky to navigate for any business. But now in 2023, we need to face the future and embrace the new beauty industry landscape. How we build our brand and sell our products has changed, as has how we build relationships with our customers and while the speed of this change has been breakneck at times, the opportunities to grow and thrive have never been more exciting. Whether your business a skincare brand, retailer, salon or spa, digital strategy is  part of every function. Once we spoke of marketing and digital marketing, retail and e-commerce as separate entities that formed part over an overall business eco-system, but today it's just marketing, the digital part is no longer stand alone, strategies are integrated and retail is omni-channel, there's no longer a question of whether you have an e-commerce site or sell through a marketplace, it is part of your overall retail offering, blending physical and digital strategies that work together to meet your customers where they are. 


What We Do

Beauty Edit works on a consultancy basis with spas, retailers, brands and distributors across numerous fields of expertise including
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Spa &

The Digital Shelf

Your digital shelf is an online representation of your brands products and/or services that are available for purchase online via your website or marketplaces. It encompasses all the digital touchpoints where consumers interact with your product online at every stage of their customer journey, from initial product discovery to making a purchase and beyond.

The Digital Spa

The future of digital in luxury spas is likely to involve a blend of high-tech and high-touch experiences, with technology playing an increasingly important role in enhancing the guest experience. Spa operators need to embrace a digital spa strategy that brings together marketing, retail, experience and service

Blurred Lines

Knowing what is going on in our industry both at home and internationally is cornerstone to developing strategies that impact, as is understanding the customer journey and what it is they actually want. Digital transformation has blurred the lines of the beauty industry and nothing is linear anymore. We love sharing reports, market research and studying consumer behaviour while looking towards the future to see what’s coming next. 

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