Bringing Spa & Wellness Brands to Life

With 20 years marketing and brand development experience in the professional beauty, spa and wellness industries, we know a thing or two about working with brands to turn their visions into reality. Looking to the future of our industry, we work with our clients to innovate and differentiate in a crowded marketplace. Our specialist areas of expertise include;

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Spa Retail 2.0

Wellness tourism is nothing new and the position of the spa within the hospitality sector, has never been more important. So much more than a necessary add on to luxury hotels, spa is primed to not only meet the needs and exceed the expectations of savvy wellness focused travellers, it will drive the wellness strategy and unique ancillary revenue opportunities of the entire property. Retail, digital and in-room wellness, offer exciting opportunities to diversify revenue streams, when the right strategies are put in place.

Beauty Edit works with luxury hotels and spa to create tailor made strategies based on a properties unique brand and value proposition, across all touch points in a complete 360 approach, that looks to the future of retail and wellness within luxury hospitality. 

It's Time to Own Your Brand

Smart spa management teams know the value of creating their own range of spa products. Exclusivity, differentiation, unique product offerings, increased margins - the reasons for creating your own brand products are endless. The reality of creating your own range however, can be complicated.

We take the pain out of this process, from formulation, to product design, brand strategy through to connecting you with the best manufacturers and suppliers to bring your vision to life, whether its our sister brand Spatonics or one of our industry partners - simplifying and managing the process of bringing your brand to life, is what Beauty Edit is all about. 

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